Saturday, 10 January 2009

Triang Countryside Series

As my original post prompted a flurry of comments, I have added posts for each of the scenic items in this line from the 60s (and possibly even the 50s). I have illustrated each post with an enlarged image from a 1961 catalogue, together with photographs of the ones I have. They have an authentically "grotty" historical character and seem to get even better with age. Some are of limited use with Hinton Hunt figures - the factory, oiltank, gasholder, coal dump and terraced house come to mind here. In addition to the items I hve pictured there was a range of embankments, cuuttings and tunnels. There were also some trees, which were listed by not illustrated in the catalogue I have. I haven't seen these and have no pictures of them.

On the pictures of my church, you can see a crack which is the result of hardening. Some have also warped a little - my feeling is this adds to the "hovelly" feeling quite nicely.

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