Saturday, 10 January 2009

Merit Trees and Accessories

Given the response to the posts on Traing Countryside buildings range, I thought I would also add some information on Merit Trees and Railway Accessories, which were also used extensively by early wargamers. They were robust, well engineered and relatively easily available from model railway sources. They stand up well today for gaming use. I think the nearest current comparison for their trees I can come up with are those manufactured by Zvezda. I like these but find them fiddlier than the Merit ones. I know Pegasus do, e.g banana trees, but I haven't seen these.

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Stryker said...

Clive - that's a great little series of posts. Similar to the Merit fir trees were the trees included in the "Blue & Grey" Playset. This was an ACW set (possibly Mattel) produced around 1963-ish. My brother had two of these sets. The figures included were pre-painted made in hard plastic and feature in the photos of John Tunstills ACW's in Miniature Warfare Mag (mixed in with Spencer-Smiths I think).

On the subject of the rubber trees - I'm as certain as I can be after 46 years that they were rubber Poplars. I will ask my brother if he remembers them. Is it possible they were Hornby rather than Tri-ang? In fact I'm begining to think that my church was a different one too! Oh eck...