Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hinton Hunt Painting Instructions: BN 205 Scots Grey Trooper Dismountable Series


Conrad Kinch said...

I may be being very dim, but when you say dismountable, does this mean the figures come in mounted, dismounted and horse holder versions?

The Old Metal Detector said...

No Conrad, not being dim. There are two types of Hinton Hunt cavalry - the earlier figures were one piece castings, described in the catalogue as the horse attached series. These were usually, though not always, in active/charging poses. Later figures wer separate riders and horses, described in the catalogue as dismountable series. These tended to be in less active poses (trotting etc). The French and British mounted personality figures were dismountable, while the generic generals and ADC figures for other nations tended to be one piece castings. If you use the labels on the home page in the right hand side column (under "search for") you'll see I've labelled them either dismountable or OPC (for One Piece Casting - maybe I should change this to horse attached). If you use these for searches you'll then see examples of both (I may possibly have missed adding the labels to some posts).