Friday, 3 October 2008

Minifigs S Range blog

To cope with the size of the range and leave it still searchable using blogger's labels, I have started a third blog specifically for Minifigs S range and it can be found here

I have started with the French Revolution & Egyptian Campaign and Franco Prussian War ranges; Crimean War will probably be next. I willl be dividing my blogging activity across these two blogs and the Old Metal Detector one (TOM). I have come to a bit of a natural break on the Hinton Hunt front as I have now covered the ranges I have access to, but will continue with Ancients at a later date. I hope to add some identification notes soon, to help with code numbers, identifying original Hinton Hunt, later David Clayton, and possibly even "tribute" Der Krriegspieler figures.

As ever, if anyone has photographs (or maybe even figures!) which have not been included on the blog to date, I would be very glad to receive them, using the contact details on the right of the home page here.

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Anonymous said...

Its a bit unfair to blame woyam and aligern for putting up prices when you already have 4000+ HH figures and those delightful Peter Gilder units!!

Who was it bought the unpainted stuff on Ebay recently for a stunning price??

BTW if you ever want to part with the Gilders!!