Thursday, 21 August 2008

English Civil War range

The English Civil War range is a nicley balanced group of 33 foot figures and 7 mounted. The foot include gunners (usable for either side), Scots musketeers, and generals on foot, pikemen, musketeers, dragoons and command figures for both Roundhead and Cavaliers.

Pikemen were supplied with separate pikes.

Many thanks to John who has supplied pictures from his collection of this range.

The original catalogue states:

During the Civil War dragoons did most of their fighting on foot, using their horses only as a means of transport and dismounting for battle, where they acted as skirmishers armed with short muskets; only occasionally did they fight mounted as cavalry.


TurvyTopsy said...

Hi there,

I tried emailing you recently but unfortunately the email address didn't seem to work. I recently came across my dad's collection of Hinton Hunt ECW figures, and wondered if you knew how to go about selling them, how much they may be worth etc? It's a decent sized collection, with about 30 figures in each army.



Vintage Wargaming said...

Chris could you send me a comment (which I won't publish) with your email address and I will contact you