Monday, 7 July 2008

Why oh why oh why...

Not an attempt to prise sponsorship from the Daily Mail, but why would anyone want to start a blog to help identify old Hinton Hunt wargames figures? Two reasons really - I have been collecting these figures for three or four years. The original castings had code numbers engraved on the underside of the base which could be checked against the original catalogue or the list given on the Vintage 20 mil site. Unfortunately, given the ravages of the years, the vigorous filing often required to level the moulding plugs on a figures base to enable them to stand up, previous basing onto lino with tar, or simply layers of Humbrol paint, it was often very-difficult-to- impossible to identify figures with confidence.

Then a few weeks ago I acquired a strange collection of original Hinton Hunt foot figures from the Napoleonic range, each identified on a sticker on the underside of their (filed flat) bases. There was one each of around 80% of the foot figures in the range, and were clearly at some time a shop's display stock or reference group for filling orders. So I thought why not...

A bit of thinking, a bit of trying things out, some sounding out of some other collectors, a purchase of paint shop pro photo x2 and a lunge into blogging has led me to think I might as well just start and see what happens.

I hope people might be able to identify mystery figures here; realise they already have some figures they have been looking for for years, and send in pictures of unidentified figures or ones missing from the catalogue to be built up here. Really, it is just something I wish had been around when I started collecting.

If this sounds interesting, why not book mark the site and come back to it from time to time to see if anything interesting has turned up.

I can claim only a little knowledge, a bit more enthusiasm and some knowledgeable contacts. Hopefully, this blog may unearth a bit more of all these.

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