Monday, 14 July 2008

Nations allied with Napoleon - German States

The original catalogue description states:

The following states were for the major part of the Napoleonic Wars the allies of France though towards the end of the war they changed sides. Despite this defection they were good and brave troops and in their bright uniforms added a splash of colour to the battlefield.

Bavaria 1807-15
Bavarian Infantry 1807-15 in crested helmets and sky-blue uniforms
Bavarian Cavalry Chevauleger (light horse) Bavarian light cavalry in crested helmet and green coat.

Saxony 1810-15
Saxon Infantry of the Line in shakos and white uniforms with coloured helmets
Saxon Cavalry
Saxon Cuirassier (horse SXN/1) in crested helmet
Chevauleger light cavalry in shako and scarlet coat

In crested helmets, short coatees, breeches and gaiters

Infantry 1808-/15 in "bell top" shakos, dark blue coatees and long trousers. Officers in cocked hats, breeches and boots.

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