Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Identification notes #1

This figure illustrates why I am trying to use unpainted figures where possible on the blog for identification purposes.
It has lain unidentified in my collection for some time, until just now when John has pointed out it is FN 361 General Nansouty.

The figure has been very nicely painted, but on close inspection his blue general's coat and red sash has been painted over the figure's cuirass.

An unpainted figure would have been much more easily identifiable.

The horse is interesting too. The saddlery etc has been painted on to what seems possibly to be a Minifigs 20mm or even a Lamming (old style) horse.

It is quite a common feeling to realise you have had that figure you have been looking for for years without realising it...

Thanks to John for his expertise.

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