Monday, 21 July 2008

FN 177C French Line Sapper 1810/15 Engineer with pick axe


Anonymous said...

Hello clive
Thanks to yours and ians sites i have now identified most of the hinton hunts in my vintage 20 mil collection.
But i still have 2 figures i cant place. one is an officer seems to be
wearing bardin uniform pistol in one hand sword in the other,, any suggestions would be welcome.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Paul
I think I replied to a previous comment saying this sounded like it might be an Alberken figure (the pose is typical of their officers). I will shortly launch another blog looking at other 20mm vintage figures and Alberken will be covered. If you have a picture of the figure for idenification, please fell free to e-mail it using the link under contacting me on the right hand side of the front page